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St James Church Patrons.
CPAS (The Church Pastoral Aids Society): is a joint patron of St
James Church, and provides resources for leadership and childrenand youth work.

The Archbishop of York, Rt Revd John Sentamu: is our other joint patron, news of his activities via the York Diocese website.

Church Links.
The Diocese of York: all kinds of information about the Anglican
Church in North and East Yorkshire.
Bible a Month Club: A means of giving regular support to the Bible Society.
Church of England: national website of the Anglican Church in
Emmanuel St John: Sister church in Falsgrave.

Christian Resources and Information.
The Church Times: One of two Anglican weekly newspapers
The Church of England Newspaper: is the other one!

Fresh Expressions of Church.
Nooma: new ways of communicating the Christian message especially to 20-40’s
Fresh Expressions: is an initiative within the Church of England
to provide resources and information about ‘new ways of being church’; go to: 

Missions, Aid and Support 21st century communication of Christian themes.

Christian Aid: is the main interdenominational worldwide aid agency.

CMS (Church Mission Society): St James supports with a link to our Mission Partners Chris and Suzy Wilson

Barnabas Fund – supporting persecuted Christians – From Christians, through Christians, to Christians.

Jubilee plus: The campaign to reduce debt in the developing world following on from Jubilee 2000.

Feed the Minds: supports distribution of Christian Literature to Eastern Europe and the developing world.

Community Links: Sidewalk Detached Youth Work Project: Steve Blower is the worker and now has his office in Gladstone Street.

‘FISS’ (Faith In Scarborough Schools): Bruce Clark is the schools worker and also has his office in Gladstone Street.

Fresh Expressions in Scarborough: The Revd Sam Taylor heads up this work and Sister Shena Woolridge also works in this area but with a remit for Arst Spirituality. /stories/scarboroughdeanery

The Mothers Union: St James MU branch is part of the Anglican worldwide network.

Merlin Consort:  a group of 9 talented singers who perform a range of music from the 16th to 20th Century; this includes madrigals and church music to folk to jazz and modern classics.

Scarborough Businesses

The Scarborough Directory: Directory of local organisations and businesses.
Scarborough Web Design: Content management websites for small monthly fee