The People of St James

The Church is sometimes described as being the body of Christ on earth.

Each one of us has a part to play in making the whole body function as it should. It is a work in progress!  
Some have a visible part to play, whereas others have a less visible part, but each is valued whatever he or she contributes to the whole team/body.  

There are so many members of our congregation making vital contributions to our church that it is impossible to mention them all by name.  There are many members our congregation with roles in our worship, including the intercession leaders, welcomers, readers, and the music group members, as well as those looking after the sound system and providing refreshments after the services. Thank you all for your valued service!

Our clergy and Reader

Priest in Charge
St James with Holy Trinity now has a new Priest-in-charge! She is Reverend Jane Bell and you can contact her on 01723 368185 Watson for church matters, or Jan Brittain on 01723 341466 for information about the Arts Centre.

Assistant Curate
The Revd Mary Hollis was ordained priest in June 2007, following many years as a Reader. Mary is a ‘Self Supporting Minister’, this means she is not paid. She also spends time in the hospital as a one of the chaplaincy team.


Helen Buckingham has a key role in helping out with preaching and leading our worship.

Honorary Assistant
The Revd Joy Carr is a retired priest who shares in the pastoral ministry.

The Revd Duncan McMann 

We are blessed to have Duncan, a retired priest, as a member of our congregation, and he made a vital contribution to our worship services during the vacancy as one of our regular preachers.

Church lay personnel

Our Churchwardens do a tremendous amount of work – much of it unseen by the rest of the congregation – to keep the church running smoothly.  It is a demanding role which they carry out brilliantly and with good humour! Joanne Watson is currently one of our Churchwardens and we have a group of people who also share the duties.

Arts Centre Administrator and financial “director”

Jan Brittain does an incredible job in organizing the Arts Centre’s activities and keeping everything running smoothly – husband Brian provides support that is “above and beyond…”.

Cleaning Person (Community Centre)
Judy Richmond cleans part time and is doing an excellent job!

Parents and Toddlers (no picture yet)
Dawn Grundy leads this group which meets on Tuesday mornings.

Church team

PCC Secretary
Jean Monkman was elected in 2014

Church Treasurer
After our Treasurer, Richard Stevens, moved away from the area, George Hollis has kindly agreed to act as Treasurer for the present time.

Church Helper
Vincent helps in the office on Fridays. He enjoys reading about politics (he has a degree in it). He does all sorts of helpful jobs around the Church and Community Centre.

Worship Group leader
Jean Monkman works with special needs children, and leads the music group. She has a musical gift which she uses to enrich the worship of the church.

Encourager, helper
Mary Walker is one of those people at St James who is a real encourager. She takes an interest in young and old, helping with Seekers, the All Age Worship teams, and so many other activities.

Café & Arts Centre finance tracker
Keith Walker has done an amazing job in helping Jan, our Administrator, keep track of the Café and Arts Centre finances, and has made a tremendous contribution to St James with Holy Trinity.

Linda Burns is doing an excellent job as she volunteers to clean the church weekly and also cleans brasses.